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Our Mission

Fans of Cleveland, 9 months ago we started a campaign that had one goal: to show LeBron that many fans in Cleveland have forgiven and maybe even understood his reason for leaving. We, as a group, realized that he didn’t have the support on the Cavs that was necessary to win. Proof came after four years and four NBA finals, of which he won two. Now, the economics of the NBA have given us an opportunity to bring our native star back to his original team faster than we even expected last year.

Since he opted out almost two weeks ago,  a lot has happened. The Miami Heat have tried endlessly to put a team together that would fit the NBA’s new economics and give LeBron a chance to continue on in Miami, but unfortunately, with the big 3, there is too much being spent on those 3 to allow for much more.

Cleveland is positioned beautifully with a young team and a great talent and lower payroll that can support bringing LeBron back with the teammate support he longed for years ago. This is our time and our chance. We feel VERY confident that the facts point to LeBron returning to Cleveland. Is this set in stone? Absolutely not. Four years ago, we were confident he would stay and all facts pointed to him staying back then until the last second. However, LeBron will be 30 years old this year, and he has goals to win many championships and in our opinion, Cleveland has the youngest and brightest talent for a reasonable cost that any other team in the NBA.

We appreciate all the support from everyone in NE Ohio and we hope that our work has helped the cause, no matter what the outcome. We have seen the change locally. In 9 months, we went from constantly trying to fend off the negativity to now seeing support from so many in NE Ohio and even around the country. This is proof that Cleveland is ready to bring LeBron back and win championships. Dan Gilbert, as much as people may be mad at him for what he wrote, is an exceptional owner who cares about winning more than making money. If LeBron comes back, things will be different. We will bring the first championship back to Cleveland since the Browns in the 1960s…before the Super Bowl.

Thanks again for the support. See you guys on opening day when LeBron throws up the white chalk up again.